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State of mind meaning outlook or mood, is a design publication, each issue a different theme.
State of mind is designed to inform about great works of design, the people that made them, what makes it great and to get a glimpse behind the development.
Each issue contains subjects researched in an overall theme covering things from arts and culture to science to psychology.
The magazine is made to take design professionals out of their comfort zone, looking at things they may not normally research. Pieces go beyond just news items - each piece captures an important piece of insight.

The first issue is about the depths of human behavior.

Get Involved

State of Mind magazine is looking for up and coming creatives to be featured in the Depths of Human Behavior issue. This issue explores the human mind.

The rules are simple create something inspired by the human mind. It can be any form of creativity including writing, fashion, illustration and photography...

The Release date is the beginning of June so the final submission date in Monday 23rd May.

The work can be new and existing work as long as it is high-res and you agree that the work can be released in print and online.

Send all work to
along with your name, location, website (if applicable) and a short description about you and your work.

(Current features to inspire you: Black Swan, Doppelgangers, psychosis, thrillers, alter egos, psychology, edgy fashion... more to come)
So as asked in the title, I want to know about you culture, what shapes your surroundings? What is associated with where you live?... Tell me about your culture. x